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Chatori Gali

For the same photography assignment as in the last post (Babulnath), as a backup, I photographed a street called ‘Chatori Gali’ in Bhopal.

Chatori Gali is a supposedly delightful lane of hawkers and restaurants, located in Old Bhopal, near Ibrahimpura. It is a meat lover’s paradise and a pure vegetarian’s worst nightmare.

However, unfortunately, on the day of my visit, the lane was rather gloomy. I was later told that the reason for that was the fact that the hawkers were told to get off the roads and into a particular area, which was still under construction at that time.

I did manage to get a few decent clicks there but chose to use the pictures I had clicked at Babulnath for the final submission. Oh, and I got some delicious Chicken Tikka!

Thank You!

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A couple of months ago, as a part of our Photography Project, we were told to photograph any one street, and show it’s various dimensions. The area I had chosen is known as Babulnath.

Babulnath Temple is a Shiva Temple in Mumbai, near the Girgaum Chowpatty area. It has been there since the 1890s, and still stands just as majestically.
However, the central character of my project wasn’t the temple itself. It was the street that leads to the temple, starting from the Girgaum Chowpatty, right up to the Hughes Road junction. I have been living near this road since the time I moved to Mumbai, which was about 10 months ago. I cross this road every day, multiple times.
Every time I walk past this street, I see the same scenes and more or less the same people too. Day in and day out, it never changes. Even if it does, the changes are probably tiny enough to miss the viewer’s eye. This, for some odd reason, adds to its beauty.

It’s an eerie feeling, looking at childhood broken and left behind.
Mentally somewhere else.
Life is fragile. Handle it with prayer.
There is no greater agony than holding an untold story within you.
Things will change. Someday. For sure.
Handwritten letters are the bliss we seldom savour.
Evening conversation over chai are the best!
When in doubt, pedal it out!
Because following the rules is just too mainstream.
Let go of those who’re already gone.
Don’t give up. Look for another way in.

Here is a link to the Slideshow of the images, which I had originally submitted for evaluation.

Your feedback is appreciated!